Here who I am !

Floran Knezevic, à propos
Floran Knezevic, product designer

I like beautiful experiences
But I love to make them !

I was passionnate by digital long before the end of high school : I discovered the web universe at 13 by launching my first webradio : computer programming, website development, design, communication, marketing but also and mosly team management. The excitement around project design has never left me. I'm versatile and it's a great thing on a daily basis when you know how to use it well. During my studies, I learned how to drive the design process of a digital product/project, from agile project management to web development, UX design or also digital marketing.

Gobelins, l'école de l'image
Digital Campus Bordeaux

During my Bachelor degree in digital project management in Bordeaux, I discovered the range of web professions, and leaned how to dialog with all the stakeholders. At Gobelins, I specialized with a Master degree in UX design & reasearch and product ownership.

My skills

I am multipotential. I also wrote an article about it (in french). However, I'm especially passionated by designing user-centric interfaces and product management : research, discover, lean, (co)create, test, improve ... I like it !

Product design

  • User research, usability testing
  • User-centric design
  • Design ops (methodology, design systems, analytics...)

Product Ownership

  • Agile management and methodologies
  • Identification, design and prioritization of needs and features (US, backlogs...)